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The redesign of the Discovery Cove responsive site included the full desktop, tablet, and mobile experience. Robust current state and competitive analysis informed the design process, and usability testing of a prototype allowed the design team to evaluate and refine the booking experience.

Discovery Cove is a SeaWorld property where guests interact with bottlenose dolphins and other marine animals.

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Usability testing of of a prototype using three different screens – desktop, tablet, and allowed us to validate and refine the design work. By bringing in typical customers, presenting them with an interactive prototype, and asking them to perform representative tasks with the different screens, we provided the client with the confidence needed to move forward with the final build-out of the solution.

One insight gained during user testing was that, owing to the complexity of the registration process, only rarely did anyone even attempt to complete registration using their mobile device. This discovery allowed us to adapt the information presented to customers in a way that it was clear when they would want to switch to a larger screen like a desktop computer or a tablet.

See the results at https://discoverycove.com/


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